Pest Control Guide

Types of Pest Control Methods


With the current trends of global warming, pest control is a topic that will forever linger in our minds. This is mainly pest are now making way even to our food, furniture, carpets, beds, not to forget the crops in our farms. Years back when pest control methods were mentioned whether on media, one would think this doesn't concern them and even switch the channel. Well, today we all have to be vigilant, because pests are making their way even to our houses. Pests include, insects, mites, rodents, and birds. Therefore, if you want to have proper maintenance of your property, then there are pest control methods that you should look into.

Chemical method is the main type of pest control and it is used on a large scale. These chemicals are known as either pesticides or insecticides and they are effective but hazardous to the environment. For instance you could want to eliminate pests in your crops but the more you use these pesticides the more pests become resistance thus causing heavy pest break out which then leads to more crop destruction.  Since there are several other pest control methods it is important to do pest control rotation.


Then there is the mechanical pest control method. This involves use of traps such as nets or applying special glue on the crops so that pests get stuck or on spider webs to trap spiders. They are not only trapped but also die there and then. Moreover, it can involve picking of pest's larvae by hand then destroying them or removing the part of the plant that is affected or if it's the whole plant uprooting it so that it cannot infect other crops. Pests do not like extreme temperatures; this means if they are exposed to high or low temperatures, X-rays and gamma rays they die.


Crop rotation is another way to control pests. This involves planting different kind of crops every season; this means that if there are crops that are prone to some pests, it will be easy to avoid them; again you can grow pest resistant crops. When there is proper use of water and fertilizers in a farm is another pest control method.  In addition, there is the non-harmful biological pest control method that involves using pest's natural enemies to eliminate them. The natural enemies are certain predators, parasites, animals and micro-organisms. This means their enemies will feed on them. Another way is by eliminating pest's breeding grounds such as stagnant waters. You can also learn more about pest control by checking out the post at